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Chris S
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Just a person who is deep into fantasy and science fiction ideas, hoping to influence people in creativity and vice versa.

I do this for fun - because life should be.

However, if anyone wants any commissions done - Please note me.

The going Rates are thus -

$20 + For a Planet, a weapon, or a technological device/prop.

$40 + For a single ship in space, air, or clear backdrop

$60 + For a complicated scene - i.e. mech battles, space battles, intense environments

These may sound steep but decent people have paid for these services.

Thank you for your time :)
A heads up to a great duo and supporting force where I have done some work for them :-


Who I did some work for -

Commissioned: The Blod-Hek-Nai's Flightdeck


Commissioned: The Blod-Hek-Nai

All to support their cause of their character - Jessik Daruk: New Design by RecklessCharge

I thank them deeply for their kindness and support - and this is what DA is about - supporting others.

Go say hi and show them some support :D

Ta muchly! :thumbsup:

Oh and my contributions to this too -

  • The first 20 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery! 
  • If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place. 
  • The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!


Girls of Martial Power, I by Maelora69

Starr Wars: Chapter Two“This is better than I expected,” Jak joked, as he sipped the kaf from the dispenser. “I’ve been at official House functions for the Order that served worse than this…”
“Racine has her uses,” Jo chuckled as she led her guest into the lounging area of the Krayt Fang.  Space was at a premium in a YT1300, and the ‘recreation area’ was nothing but a cleared-off part of the hold surrounded by crates.  Little touches like the wampa throw-rug and some exotic flowers gave it a personal atmosphere, along with the ubiquitous Sabacc board.  There was a pair of mattresses with camping blankets, and a small stack of datapads.
“This is where you’ll be staying, I’m afraid,” Jo admitted.  “You can use the shower and the refresher if you need to though….”
“This is fine,” he insisted.  “Trust me, I’ve slept in worse.”
As he laid down his bags, he re

Girls of PHB, II by Maelora69

History of the FAFHistory of the Federal Armed Forces:
The Secession and the Federated Alliance of Stars:
Division in the faltering Terran Confederation over colonial rights reached a pinnacle in early 2631 when nearly eight hundred colony worlds formally seceded through the Charter of Secession. The fledgling democratic government of the Federated Alliance of Stars was formed the same day, along with the initially undermanned and poorly-equipped Federal Allied Defense Forces. The FADF would meet its greatest test a mere three days later as the newly-aligned League of Terran Worlds (or simply the Terran League) sent the Fourth Interstellar Taskforce to strike the FAS capital of Ceres.
Despite being outnumbered nearly 10 to 1, the FADF managed to defeat the League’s 4th Taskforce in a grueling ten month struggle for Ceres. Removing Terran forces from Ceres, the FAS member worlds concentrated their resources into a massive military build-up to the FADF, with priority given to the starship fleets to u

Consortium of Juno Minor flag by Shoguneagle

Shootingstar History Map (Late-2057) by Shoguneagle


The Kitten
The large twin-engined jet fighter banked slightly to its left as the pilot tried to have a better view of the monstrous abomination in front of his very eyes. It hovered over the waters, pulsating as the tentacles spread over its green and brown skin stretched and retracted, trying to aim for something that wasn’t there. As it pulsated that way, the thing seemed to grow slightly. Or maybe it was Norman’s impression. He couldn’t still wrap his head about how large that thing was. It seemed to loom over the horizon, so huge it was grotesque. Trying to overcome his uneasiness, Norman adjusted his mask, twisting the control stick slightly to bring the F-14 jet into level flight.
“There’s no turning back,” he muttered, “prepare the missiles.”
Then he looked at his rear-view mirrors, spread over the canopy’s frame, to get a look at his backseat driver. He immediately gasped in disbelief. There was no one there. He was alone against tha
  Sketches - Mabel by S7alker117  MechWarrior: Living Legends: The Novel II by S7alker117


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