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Chris S
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Just a person who is deep into fantasy and science fiction ideas, hoping to influence people in creativity and vice versa.

I do this for fun - because life should be.

However, if anyone wants any commissions done - Please let me know.

The going Rates are thus -

£10+ For a Planet, a weapon, or a technological device/prop.

£15+ For a single ship in space, air, or clear backdrop

£30+ For a complicated scene - i.e. mech battles, space battles, intense enviroments:>

These may sound steep but decent people have paid for these services.

Thank you for your time :)


Commissioned: The Constitution and the Saratoga by Colourbrand
Commissioned: The Constitution and the Saratoga
" both ships departed from their base, the captain of the Constitution looked at the other vessel, the Saratoga - a Delphis class. The captain heard that its commanding officer was once in command of the Enterprise but for reasons unknown opted for that glorified shuttlepod. However, Star Fleet pointed out that the Saratoga should not be underestimated..."


This is another commission for the lovely :iconseekhim:; the brief was to show :iconseekhim:'s creation, the Saratoga in a size comparison to the new JJ universe of Star Fleet starships. The brief also stated that the Constitution was to be a JJ Universe variant, but not a clone of the Enterprise but having some of that DNA.

It was easy to do; I took parts from ships in that era combined with elements that makes the JJ Universe distinctive. The Saratoga is small and :iconseekhim: wanted scale too.

The space station I did as a variant of the JJ Spacedock but with two towers as requested.

The planet was a stunning suprise - I was :jawdrop: with the success of that.

Comments and feedback welcome!

Enjoy! :D
Commissioned: The Krayt Fang by Colourbrand
Commissioned: The Krayt Fang
Members of the Krayt Dragons Smuggling Consortium leave Coruscant after a meeting with a possible client for their talents. However no sooner are they clear of the spacelanes, their ship the Krayt Fang comes under attack from a handful of old fighters.

Outnumbered they may be but the Krayt Fang is a classic CEC YT-1300 Stock Light Freighter, the kind the legendary Han Solo flies; and to the raiders' horror, the freighter packs equal lethal punch and powerful defenses...


This is a commission for the lovely :iconmaelora69: who is a great friend and a wonderful talent. :iconmaelora69: is also a gamer and loves the world of role playing games; the commission was to depict the Krayt Fang one of numerous variations of the classic ships in the Star Wars Universe.

The pic was initially hard to do - the ships were easy, but the backdrop was the main stall in the making of this; then I went for the classic black space backdrop which made the picture sudden in dynamics.

The Krayt Fang was a task; the ship is a classic Millennium Falcon vessel but the difference is that its a rusty red; and worse, various versions of this variant appeared on the net - some red all over, some red rimmed, some with different dish designs. So I went with a mod to the colour scheme to give the ship "racer and aggressor stripes".

Many may recognise the fighters - for laughs - tell me their classes ;)

Feedback and comments most welcome!

Enjoy :D!
Interstellar Discovery by Colourbrand
Interstellar Discovery
"Earth Base, this is Kentares; the Jump Engine worked; Stand by."

"Earth Base, we have arrived at a system that has what appears to be a 'black hole' for a sun. People, you should see this thing; its so unbelievable, its like darkness perfect. Its amazing. We are not going to explore this area - the time relativity theories and the gravity pressures are too risky for now. Maybe one day with better ships. We will make recordings, them move on - Kentares out"


More works on my version of the Endurance, the Kentares and inspired by Interstellar; liked the film, and refreshing that it was not about saving the universe from some alien inter-thug. Loved the technology and the visuals are gorgeous - especially Gargantua the Black Hole Sun. I had to do a pic of that thing; it was a long film that was a bit laboursome in places but at least it was refreshing that there was a lot of thought put into this and the technology is excellent.

Hope you like this - and hopefully more of the Kentares will come soon :)

Comments and feedback welcome.

Enjoy :D
Commissioned: The Saratoga by Colourbrand
Commissioned: The Saratoga
This is a commission for the wonderful :iconseekhim: who wanted a new type of starship for Captain Kirk set in the JJ Universe era.

The reason I could go into but I rather recommend you to visit :iconseekhim: and find the story out for oneself.

Doing this was easy - the ship, a Delphis Class Research Vessel was presented to me as "a flying Dolphin with aquatic and landing abilities".

It was a breeze to do.

For you stat hounds, here are the basic details of the vessel.


Name U.S.S Saratoga

Registry: NCC-1621

Ship class: Delphis (Dolphin)

Type: Research vessel (Astronomical and planetary)

Decks: 9

Length: 180 m

Special advancement: Landing Capabilities

Crew: c 100 (43 Officers, 60 Enlisted, 14 Civilian personnel and families)

Passengers: 30

Evacuation limit: 400

Armaments: 6 phaser arrays
                    2 Phaser emitters
                    3 Torpedo launchers (2 forward, 1 aft )

Enjoy! :D

And here is a link to its bridge created by :iconfalke2009:

U.S.S. Saratoga - Bridge by falke2009
This journal is inspired by :iconslingblade87: but I had this issue on my mind for some time.

The latest pic I have done is about a character - a woman - in a situation of terror but she is doing her job but this does not mean she is a superhuman or such, or has to be degrading in its depiction.

In short its about how women are being depicted in art, and more than often here.

I have noticed that there is a mass emphasis on CLEAVAGE, VOLUPTUOUSNESS, and SKIMPYNESS.

It has got to a point where it's become an epidemic. Virtually any pic I see of a heroic woman, warrior maiden, or female character, it tends to be overtly buxom, blessed with a superheroic physique, and more than often in the skimpiest of garments or the most body hugging of Lycra type garbs - and even they have the boozies on the verge of falling out.

Now before people point the fingers and wag them, or call me a lot of names under the sun, I am no saint myself.

In the past, I have done some stuff like this, I have done nudes (I have done the odd male too, so not completely bias), I have done voluptuous, and so on and so forth; I have done some pics of and for women who wanted this and were pleased with the results (do not ask for any copies - I destroyed all the materials from my end - and even if I did not, its a private matter), and I have thought with my groin on occasion.

I have gone down that road - but nowhere as bad as the stuff I am seeing; I find the barrage - well more like tsunami of this stuff irksome and annoying; I am a red blooded male, but come on! Its like almost EVERY pic is this - plus they tend to have cute almost childlike faces...

I find it degrading, insulting, pigeon-holing, and many cases vile.

I am not here to belittle the talents of others, nor am I dictating how people should do things on DA, or disrespect the art of the nude or those who wish to be done so - its not my place.

Like I said I am finding the consistant barrage of superbuxom, supershaped, perfect artwank old hat.

Sorry if I have offended anyone but I just had to get this off my chest...

Oh and this is one of the few things I will not do for commission or request so don't ask.

Opinions are welcome.




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I notice you're from the UK! What part? I've visited England and Scotland.


I found that a lot of people here in the U.S. don’t know much about their own country, much less anyone else's.  :(


I post prayer updates about different countries. Part of the reason is to raise awareness about what's going on in the rest of the world. Recently I’ve started my own private initiative; if I notice someone on DA  is from another country, if I've done their country I let them know. It’s my way of letting them know that others are thinking about their home. :)


These updates are about your home!






Northern Ireland…






Isle of Man…


GOD bless

John 3:16

Colourbrand Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Apologies for the long time in replying - no excuses.

I live in the South East.

Thanks for these kiddo :)
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