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Chris S
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Just a person who is deep into fantasy and science fiction ideas, hoping to influence people in creativity and vice versa.

I do this for fun - because life should be.

However, if anyone wants any commissions done - Please let me know.

The going Rates are thus -

£10+ For a Planet, a weapon, or a technological device/prop.

£15+ For a single ship in space, air, or clear backdrop

£30+ For a complicated scene - i.e. mech battles, space battles, intense enviroments:>

These may sound steep but decent people have paid for these services.

Thank you for your time :)


Commissioned: The Messiah Complex by Colourbrand
Commissioned: The Messiah Complex
"It was the blast of brilliance that got his attention, and then he saw the place light up like the proverbial Christmas tree.

The largest and greatest shopping centre on Earth invaded his vision and grace his presence with photonic announcement; he use to remember its name, but its title was long distorted, transformed and then imprinted by the media and mouth to a term that many resonated with and those of faith resented.

The Messiah Complex.

It was not hard to see why; the building was built into the form of a human stretching his hands to the sky for want, and got what it wanted; the hands outreached, sent messages of want to the wanting, and this message in holographic light was simple “its Christmas”!

The place is a dedicated temple of materialism, of greed, want, of the new and now, the place where popularity was easy to buy and just as quick to lose; a realm dedicated to consumerism, where credit was so ready given it was like throwaway money, and where souls can be bought at discount rates and percentage finances. 

The place looked so seductive, brilliant in appearance, decorated in neon-lights and holograms, coated with lasers of every colour.

Brands that paid tribute to the owners got their names held up in literal light, circling the stature like a whirling carousel, and like idiotic dim-witted moths the masses ran to the soul stealing flames.

He could see on the bridges leading into the place hundreds of people pouring in, fighting even for anything, no matter how useless it is. Humanity has sold its souls and did not care.

Once he was like that, and went to this place for the latest deals, the must haves, or some other lure. It feels like a great time to be had but it’s an illusion, and one with a price-tag many know of but somehow think themselves immune from. 

Oh, what folly.

After the time, the bills then come in, the credit-loans as temporary as the borrowed lawnmower follow suit fast, and all of which demand payment from people who were fooled into overspend and indulgence; and those who could not return the money and the well hidden additional funds called Interest, had their delights revoked; some were lucky it was the gifts and what savings they had; most however lost a lot more and plunge into a spiral of debt, of owe, one that got worse and bigger as time travelled on; it was like an acid drip burning through plastic; horrid, dreadful and never-ending.

The worse lost everything; like him; the roof, the car, the job, then the family; all for wanting it all. 

It is not Christmas he thought; it’s Debtmas. The meaning of the time is now replaced by the need of the time; the desire to have it all, feel that nothing is owed, and to be given the belief that this is the best time of year. 

As he looks from the bank of the river at the latest idiots destroying their lives for cheap thrills, he wondered how many more will become like him, blinded by the lights..."



Tis the season and its starts on the first day of December. 

This is another idea for my dear friend :iconseasiderock:; the brief was to come up with an alternate theme for Christmas; numerous concepts were toyed with but the one that I focused on was the attitude we have about this festive time: material want.

I came up with the idea of the ultimate shopping centre which emphasises the must have philosophy being imposed on us; hence the statue grasping for “something”. I wanted it to be a centre, a complex to vulgarity, to lust, and to blind stupidity.

The homeless character I created as a “consequence” to such matters, and on that I am going to do the rare thing and speak to you the viewer, the watcher, and the fave-artist.

Christmas should be a time of respect, remembrance, and of cheer; of good times and to remind us that a special event happened that in ways changed humanity.

Alas, Christmas has turned slowly from the above into a psychotic desire for material want, to gain the must-have item of the year and thus buying instead of earning happiness; it is the time that the business machine – be it entertainment tantalising us to buy the latest shit single for the top of the charts or to see the most overblown latest instalment of a franchise for that similar spot, and it is also in this period that people spend too much, more often beyond their means, and plunge themselves into debt that they seldom escape from; thanks to a lack of awareness or common sense, companies involved in promising deals, loans and other financial acid have pushed people to the point of shattering lives and even encouraging suisides.

I say to you all: please don’t fall for the trend, don’t be bedazzled by the false glitter, don’t get sucked in by fads and must-haves, and for God sake, don’t spend what you do not have.

Enjoy the time but don’t pervert it; have fun but not be obsessed; know your limits and if people do not tolerate them, then they are not worth knowing. I know it’s easier said than done but it happens once a year and the consequences if wrong can last for years if not decades.

So have fun but don’t be a fool :)

Enjoy :)



Commissioned: The Constitution and the Saratoga by Colourbrand
Commissioned: The Constitution and the Saratoga
" both ships departed from their base, the captain of the Constitution looked at the other vessel, the Saratoga - a Delphis class. The captain heard that its commanding officer was once in command of the Enterprise but for reasons unknown opted for that glorified shuttlepod. However, Star Fleet pointed out that the Saratoga should not be underestimated..."


This is another commission for the lovely :iconseekhim:; the brief was to show :iconseekhim:'s creation, the Saratoga in a size comparison to the new JJ universe of Star Fleet starships. The brief also stated that the Constitution was to be a JJ Universe variant, but not a clone of the Enterprise but having some of that DNA.

It was easy to do; I took parts from ships in that era combined with elements that makes the JJ Universe distinctive. The Saratoga is small and :iconseekhim: wanted scale too.

The space station I did as a variant of the JJ Spacedock but with two towers as requested.

The planet was a stunning suprise - I was :jawdrop: with the success of that.

Comments and feedback welcome!

Enjoy! :D
Commissioned: The Krayt Fang by Colourbrand
Commissioned: The Krayt Fang
Members of the Krayt Dragons Smuggling Consortium leave Coruscant after a meeting with a possible client for their talents. However no sooner are they clear of the spacelanes, their ship the Krayt Fang comes under attack from a handful of old fighters.

Outnumbered they may be but the Krayt Fang is a classic CEC YT-1300 Stock Light Freighter, the kind the legendary Han Solo flies; and to the raiders' horror, the freighter packs equal lethal punch and powerful defenses...


This is a commission for the lovely :iconmaelora69: who is a great friend and a wonderful talent. :iconmaelora69: is also a gamer and loves the world of role playing games; the commission was to depict the Krayt Fang one of numerous variations of the classic ships in the Star Wars Universe.

The pic was initially hard to do - the ships were easy, but the backdrop was the main stall in the making of this; then I went for the classic black space backdrop which made the picture sudden in dynamics.

The Krayt Fang was a task; the ship is a classic Millennium Falcon vessel but the difference is that its a rusty red; and worse, various versions of this variant appeared on the net - some red all over, some red rimmed, some with different dish designs. So I went with a mod to the colour scheme to give the ship "racer and aggressor stripes".

Many may recognise the fighters - for laughs - tell me their classes ;)

Feedback and comments most welcome!

Enjoy :D!
Interstellar Discovery by Colourbrand
Interstellar Discovery
"Earth Base, this is Kentares; the Jump Engine worked; Stand by."

"Earth Base, we have arrived at a system that has what appears to be a 'black hole' for a sun. People, you should see this thing; its so unbelievable, its like darkness perfect. Its amazing. We are not going to explore this area - the time relativity theories and the gravity pressures are too risky for now. Maybe one day with better ships. We will make recordings, them move on - Kentares out"


More works on my version of the Endurance, the Kentares and inspired by Interstellar; liked the film, and refreshing that it was not about saving the universe from some alien inter-thug. Loved the technology and the visuals are gorgeous - especially Gargantua the Black Hole Sun. I had to do a pic of that thing; it was a long film that was a bit laboursome in places but at least it was refreshing that there was a lot of thought put into this and the technology is excellent.

Hope you like this - and hopefully more of the Kentares will come soon :)

Comments and feedback welcome.

Enjoy :D
Commissioned: The Saratoga by Colourbrand
Commissioned: The Saratoga
This is a commission for the lovely :iconseekhim:
It is for a Star Trek AU story she has written which takes place in the J.J Abramsverse in which Captain Kirk leaves the Enterprise and accepts command of another vessel.

His reasons for doing so I could go into but I recommend you visit her story, A New Start, and find out for yourself.…

Doing this was easy - the ship, a Delphis Class Research Vessel was presented to me as "a flying Dolphin with landing abilities".

It was a breeze to do.

For you stat hounds, here are the basic details of the vessel.


Name U.S.S Saratoga

Registry: NCC-1621

Ship class: Delphis (Dolphin)

Type: Research vessel (Astronomical and planetary)

Decks: 9

Length: 180 m

Special advancement: Landing Capabilities

Crew: c 100 (43 Officers, 60 Enlisted, 14 Civilian personnel and families)

Passengers: 30

Evacuation limit: 400

Armaments: 6 phaser arrays
                    2 Phaser emitters
                    3 Torpedo launchers (2 forward, 1 aft )

Enjoy! :D

And here is a link to its bridge created by :iconfalke2009:

U.S.S. Saratoga - Bridge by falke2009




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