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Chris S
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Just a person who is deep into fantasy and science fiction ideas, hoping to influence people in creativity and vice versa.

Oh and I love blowing up stuff (in art!!).

I do this for fun - because life should be.

However, if anyone wants any commissions done - Please let me know.

The going Rates are thus -

10+ For a Planet or simple space backdrop

15+ For a single ship in space, air, or clear backdrop

30+ For a complicated scene - i.e. mech battles, space battles, intense enviroments, something technical and unusual.

These may sound steep but decent people have paid for these services.

Thank you for your time :)

Normally I keep my journals dedicated to simple topics – always related to art on this site, and any feedbacks I request for. I keep my journal free of topics, issues, and anything media relative, mainly because I feel that it’s repeating what is being said, only with a smaller voice – think whisper in the wind and you have an idea of what I mean…


However, a recent series of events has now made me write this journal on the topic and I would love to hear from any of you thoughts on this matter.


At present in the UK – mainly England, there have been a lot of high profile investigations, allegations, and even convictions surrounding what is known as Historical Child Abuse.


This, (to those who do not reside in the UK) all started from revelations about the deceased individual, one Jimmy Savile; Mr Savile was a prominent charity raiser, figurehead for humanitarian causes, and a television/radio presenter. During the sixties and the seventies, he hosted world famous shows like Top of the Pops, and Jim’ll Fix it. He was famous for his eccentric behaviour and charity work, raising thousands for organisations like Great Ormond Street Hospital and Stoke Manderville. He even gained a knighthood for his sterling work in that field.


It later emerged after his death that Jimmy Saville was a notorious paedophile, and abuser of the infirm, sick, and especially of children, even necrophilia. However, the man got away with what has been classed as fifty plus decades of brutal atrocities to such victims.


As a result that this man “escaped” justice for what have described as a series of monstrous and savage barbaric crimes against children, the defenceless, and the infirm, the government launched Operation Yewtree to investigate any celebrities and personalities in that era, involved in such matters, and especially any associated with ‘Sir’ Jimmy.


One such person was caught, convicted and sentenced; the “artist”, charity fund raiser, and singer – Rolf Harris. Rolf was a friend of Jim’s and even went to the same places abuses occurred. Victims came forward to explain what he had done, evidence was mounted and despite threats from his team of lawyers, he was exposed and convicted despite being 80 plus in age.


So why am I telling you all this?


This is why.


Although dead, all evidence of Jim’s existence are being erased – this includes films, videos, and any memorabilia featuring or starring him. Even in an episode of “Only Fools and Horses” his name has been cut out of a scene.


As a result of his conviction, Rolf has suffered the same fate; Australia, his homeland has shunned his name, his art has disappeared and have become worthless, and his millions now turned into possible compensation for his victims.


Yet there are people who have done sinister things too but are still touted in our history – two examples; Osama Bin Laden, and Hitler. Look what they inspired to occur – the loss of numerous lives.


The dangerous thing is this – we are trying to erase these paeodo creeps from our history, our culture, and even out of our lives but I feel that this is setting a dangerous president – in the course of protecting the victims by no longer giving these villains air time, history is being altered.


SO the questions are these – should we erase/alter the pass to calm and ‘honour’ the victims? Or should we keep their names alive to make us remember to be vigilant and determined so such thing are caught in time, the wicked are punished, and that it never happens again?






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