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April 1, 2012
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Battletech Seahunt by Colourbrand Battletech Seahunt by Colourbrand
In 3021, a number of Neptune class submarines defeated a lance of Dragon class mechs on New Ivaarsen. The battle prevented the disabling of the C3 network on that world which helped the Davions win the day.

In 3039 after the Forth Succession War, Hanse tried a similar war with his arch enemy the Draconis Combine, and thus waged this conflict. However, the Kuritans were ready, and learning that part of their counter offensive was going to involve a fight on Galtor - home of the Neptune - some wanted payback against those very vessels.

In this, a group of Neptunes are pounced upon by a large company of mechs, most of which are Dragons, eager for revenge. Insitgating tactics to defeat these subs, the mech corale the sub and start to pick them off with concentrated laser and some torpedo loads in their LRM/SRM units, this includes a Madra is equiped with nothing but SRTs to guarantee the Neptune's destruction.

I always wanted to do an underwater scene and I loved the backstory of the Neptune, why it was build and its function, hence again why its one of my favourite vehicles. However, I think mechs would be far deadlier in deep water (not an ocean) than a sub due to turning circles.

I liked how the undersea blasts came out, and the lasers - not over the top or strange.

The best part are the mechs - I was going to add detail but I felt that would detract some from others, so I made them sillouettes with just the glare of their cockpits to show that is what they are - oh and give a demonic look as they take on the Neptunes.

Like to hear your thoughts please.

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I love undersea stuff. great work  :)
Colourbrand Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you sir! :)

I should do more...
Reactor-Axe-Man Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Being a former submariner, I am of two minds about this pic. I'd like to think the subs could do a better job evading - after all, it's their job to be quiet and use their superior underwater sensors to their advantage. Plus the massive volley fire of BT warfare goes against the grain of powerful torpedoes being enough to sink a boat in one shot. I guess I should accept it though.
Colourbrand Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No no - you are quite right. Then again BT is a clunky world. In reailty subs and dedicated vehicals would be more lethal than giant robots.

Thank you for popping by sir to take time to visit and comment - most appreciated :D
screenscan May 16, 2012   Interface Designer
this is so freaking evil!!!!!
Colourbrand May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In so many ways :D

Thank you for visiting :D
screenscan May 19, 2012   Interface Designer
kiml42 May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of Gundam, with the use of mechs under water.
This is an excellently executed picture. The feeling of depth in the slightly murky water looks perfect, and makes the mechs look very effective.
The explosion looks excellent. I really like the way that the medium makes it so different from an explosion in air or space.
Scientifically, I'm not too sure about the use of lasers under water. I would have thought the dense medium would sap their power considerably, crippling their effective range, and the water would act to cool the target very effectively, making it hard to build up the heat necessary to do damage. Also with the lasers so visible, there would be no hope of using them at all stealthily, especially combined with the heating effect they would have on the water they pass through.
Colourbrand May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm there is that, but in the BT universe they do undersea battles too, abiet rare. I am glad you feel that way with the way the mechs are portrayed underwater too - less is more.

I am very proud of the explosion underwater - you be surprised how little reference material there is. I just remembered U-571 and the Abyss and based it on pure thought.

Your point on the lasers are phenomenally valid, and a few have pointed this out. In the BT world, stealth is not that a priority (strange as it sounds) and the lasers would deminish their effect - not seen well enough in films and such. However, I did add a few torpedo trails on to the killed sub to show what slayed it so effectivly.

Thank you very much for looking sir - and liking this piece of art :D
How many torpedos can that sub carry :D. enough for a 5 in 1 shot. Im likeing the bubbles escaping from the broken craft.
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