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January 19
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Commissioned: Varg Concept by Colourbrand Commissioned: Varg Concept by Colourbrand
This is another commission for the great creative mind :iconshoguneagle: the Varg Stealth Frigate.

When I started this I had a clear idea where to go. :iconshoguneagle:’s genius is that he limits the technology in his works; as a result it makes one think more how to go about designing and doing any of his ideas. When the notion of stealth comes to us, we always think of cloaking devices. :iconshoguneagle: did not want that. What he wanted was a ship that was Terran in looks but very cutting edged.

I took a risk with the design and showed him what I thought the Varg would be; a true stealthy ship based on the present concepts of detection avoidance; primarily minimal signatures, emissions, and innovations. We decided that the weapons would be hidden in hatches, giving this ship as :iconshoguneagle: quoted “as an ace up the sleeve”. It flowed after that. Engine bafflers, Hyperdrive booster, and hidden hanger. The colour of the windows I based on “starlight” and night vision hazes – they tend to be green.

Making her black was a hard task because space is black (duh!), so we brainstormed more to make the scene expose the design. Like with the Vigilance, I added lights and a powerful backdrop to highlight the designs’ darkness; and it worked.

Needless to say, :iconshoguneagle: was made up – and when that happens, my job is more than done. There is nothing more sating than an artist making someone’s vision come to pass more than they expected :D Damn proud I am :D

Please let me know what you think, and the above people, pop by their pages – they are talents galore :D


And the stats for this beast are as below.


Name: Varg-class stealth frigate
Origin: Terran Federation/Stellar Combat Command
Manufacturer: Stellar Combat Command Fleet Intelligence Engineering Division/Ceres Federal Naval Construction Yard, Ceres L5 orbit (Initial)
Type: Interstellar stealth frigate
Control System: Bridge w/virtual control stations
Length: 296 meters
Width: 104 meters
Main Drive: 2 x 2.6 GW
Secondary Powerplant: 2 x 10000 KW
Main Thrusters: 2 x Thermonuclear Fusion Engines w/baffled exhaust system
Verniers: 36
Acceleration: 42 kps (kilometers per second)/1.7 light years per minute (faster-than-light capability)
Onboard Sensors: ECM, ECCM, advanced fire control radar, hyperspatial distortion detector, infrared/ultraviolet, lidar, low-light, magnetometer, microwaves, motion detectors, radcounter, telescope
Fixed Armament: 24 x PD laser turrets, 6 x long-range anti-ship missile launchers, 6 x long-range anti-ship laser cannons, 4 x long-range solid-state anti-ship laser cannons
Additional Armament/Compliment: 240 crew, 22 officers; 50 troops, 2 shuttles, 2 transports
Defensive Systems: Screen deflectors, active stealth system, baffled engine exhaust system, PD laser turrets
Equipment: Artificial gravity system, escape pod system, interstellar communication system, satellite uplink, hangars (1), hyperspace generator w/booster
Commissioned: 06/15/2888 (TFS Varg)
Ships of Class: TFS Varg, TFS Seawolf, TFS Akula, TFS Shchuka, TFS Lira, TFS Boreas, 14 others in service
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Lichen93 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Filmographer
Building an interstar Fleet is quite hard!
But could be the coolest things ever
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Cheers sir :D
I-Plexiglass Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now this is really cool. As I was examining the design in the image, looking over the stark black of the hull, I cannot say why but the first thing that popped into my head was "Police Cruiser". Of course this is nonsense! I
had to laugh at myself. It does seem to me, though, something that some powerful stealth or infiltration force similar to the FBI (though probably even more undercover) would use to penetrate the truly troubled regions
of space. From what I know of the Terrans of Shogun's lore, this seems like the perfect tool for that kind of work. :)

I have to start with that I've always loved how you do the Terrans' vehicle design. The style for each kind of Terran ship is cohesive and fitting with a unified sort of blueprint- I adore that sort of congruity- they look imaginative
without losing a scrap of functionality and utilitarianism. It always amazes me what you do with them. :D This one in particular must be one of my favourites so far- It has to be the broad, flat portions spanning the sides of
the hull and thrusters. Again, I cannot exactly pinpoint why, but that is what really clinches it to me. It's not a complicated-looking vessel, and yet it still accomplishes that aspect of "stealth" it is built for!

The structure is made even more impressive with the colour scheme; the blue-green accents on the black look terrific (love that bit of science behind the green, by the way! I never knew that.), and allow the ship to really
pop in the darkness. Good of you to use a nebula to help us see her, too!

This is a really great design- Shogun is a very lucky guy- you've done him proud! :D
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HEHEHEHEE - I can understand the Police Crusier statement - it looks like a patrol wagon :D

Well, when I was designing this, the briefs were simple and straightforward; no magical tech like a cloaking device or chameleon skin. In short we brainstormed for feesability.

On the subject of consistancy with Terran designs, I wanted to keep that; it makes sense - nothing worse than deviating from a standard - its like jets; all have jet engines, fighters are small, cargo carriers are sausage shaped and large and so forth.

This was based on stealth as we know it mixed in with stuff that may yet come to pass; the ship's shape is altered to minimise detection - make it say appear like a courier when in fact its a whopping ship; different colours (:iconshoguneagle: was made up with that), pop-out weaponry to give as :iconshoguneagle: would say, a surprise punch, advanced weaponry in the form of Solid State Lasers, and devices to minimise its workload; bafflers, advanced suppressors - list goes on.

Stealth is hard work despite the piss easy way its depicted in films - and I wanted to show it here. :iconshoguneagle: loved this galore.

I am glad you noted that about the lights - I was going to go for purple or red but Mars uses that, and purple would have turned this into something not right; green works because its established for night ops and stuff.

The Nebulae was the only way to show this ship up; bit of a cheap trick but it worked :D

Thank you again for the great words and kindness my friend :D means a lot :D
I-Plexiglass Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Feasibility is a must, in my opinion- it can look cool, and feasibility usually has that capacity- but it must look like it works. A great choice, sir! I think you bridged the two very well!

I believe I saw Shogun make a reference to it on his page- rather clever of him, no? He makes a good job of putting realism in stealth- you hit that on the nose, it is true, stealth seems to have taken a real nosedive in terms of
difficulty or even a few damns given. It's as if those filmmakers just slap a coat of black-and-camo onto an assassin and call it good- but it's really not that simple! I am so glad he liked it- he's got a good artist on his side!

Green is a favourite colour of mine, and pairing it with black always looks attractive- how could I resist? :D

Heyy- sometimes the easy way is the best way when it comes to making things work! As long as your heart is into it :D

The pleasure is mine, my friend!
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Agreed - I find that a minus these days - its all about image not substance, credibility, or sense; if it does not make sense, its rubbish.

Hence this - dunno about you old friend, but back in my day we use to have a thing called an imagination.

Always a joy sir - always :D!!
spartan2spec Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Nice design
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you sir :D
Rob-Caswell Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional General Artist
Cool. I like how the ship's shape is defined by the nebula. Black warships in space make good sense, even if they aren't flashy.
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you sir - and this was hard to do - but somehow...:)
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