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Am back amigos!

Hope the new year is starting well, and that you are full of beans :)

So, just to let you know, going to do more diverse and different things this year - not all starships and such.

But I hope you will enjoy.

Laters :)
Well it is near the end of another year, 2017 looms, and so on and so forth.

Will not be posting any more art until the first of the new year.  As my tradition now stands, every December - one pic will be put up and the rest of the month is a hiatus :) (Smile) It cleanses the mind :) (Smile)

I will still visit, and please note me about anything, but as for pics this side of the timeline, am resting :) (Smile)

I am working on a lot of pictures, a few commissions, maybe some more writing, and am going to be more adventurous in my ideas. So watch this space. In fact, I am going to be more 'original and ambitious'.

On that, I would like to thank the numerous deviants, and the people who have joined my cabal, a great festive season, and a hopefully better 2017.

My thoughts go especially to the most supportive of people here, who I have done commissions, and who have supported me in fantastic and deep ways:

:iconrecklesscharge: :iconseasiderock: :icons7alker117: :iconart-dewhill: :iconwisky-08: :iconblacklion68: :iconstargazzer811: :icondrofdemonology: :iconseekhim: :iconshoguneagle: :iconadamkop: :iconhandofmanos: :iconmaelora69: :iconecorynv: :iconthrottlemcnab: :icondonaldbrent: :icondaemoria: :iconthecentipede: :iconfletcherc: :iconduzloo: :iconrobcaswell: :iconmrwonderworks: :iconbagera3005: :icongrahamtg: :iconslingblade87: :iconbaronneutron: :iconarthurramsey: :iconkhuantru: :icons0larbaby: :iconemigepa: :iconthefirstfleet: :iconsharlin: :iconcrusher-777: :iconfrontera: :iconevaunit4a: :iconscorpionlover42: :iconvikingfox: :iconoberfuhrer-razgriz: :iconemperormyric: :iconphotonghost: :icons-m-e-r-k: :iconjoulester: :iconjamesf63: :iconwbyrd: :iconcartoonstudy: :iconthe-colonel-382: :iconchangerofways42: :iconpwesty: :iconmarian87: :iconlinda065cliva: :iconscifirocker: :iconschism-walker: :iconsargy001: :iconmacgwyver: :iconawale-light: :iconomniseriu: :iconkillabc: :iconnuclear-fridge: :iconiankeenanarts: :iconfalke2009: :iconlordhadrian: :iconcolonel-eviscerator: :iconhawkwinds:

You peeps have been exceptional :) (Smile) Thank you deeply :D (Big Grin)

See you in the future :D (Big Grin)
Today, is is Guy Fawkes Night, Fireworks night in the UK.

Me, I got one hell of a blast today!

My Futuristic X-Wing pic -

Futuristic X-Wing by Colourbrand

- got this make over by the legendary artist :iconadamkop: commissioned by the fantastic superimaginative mind :iconshoguneagle: the result.

The T-89 X-Wing Ultra...

Incom/Frei-Tek T-89 X-Wing Ultra by Shoguneagle

This, to me, humbled, and made me proud; proud that in helping a fellow creative mind, I was rewarded this.

Trust me, words are not enough to describe the feelings of euphoria I have for this....

And the man did Stats too!!! STATS!!!!

So, why am I telling you all this?

Simple, good deeds get rewarded, and THIS is what community art is about!!

So, please visit :iconadamkop: and :iconshoguneagle: pages, and show them the respect they deserve.

Greetings my fellow humans, and other life forms.

Just noticed in recent times that there has been a strong favour of original artwork over the fan-art stuff.

So...what would you like to see - more original stuff, or something known?

Me, I am more tempted to do original stuff - because I feel we need new fresh ideas - but what say you ?
My fellow humans... and other lifeforms...

I am still doing art but time is VERY constrained - work has become stupid busy at the moment, stressed, etc; thus resulting in a lack of art on my part (hey that rhymes :D).

Also I have been experimenting with writing.

Soon, I plan to put up some fanfiction - but not because I am a fan of the genre, but as an experiment in 'writing'.

So, watch this space. :)

All I ask if anyone wishes to comment, is to comment and how it feels to you the reader (i.e. bore, well written, characters are awful etc..) :)

Sees ya later :salute:
It is the challenges of life,
that defines us.
It is the destines and struggles,
that shapes us.

It is the fears and concerns,
that will scare us.
It is the unknowns and the unclear,
that will terrify us.

It is the bravery of the choices,
that evolves us.
But it is the risk to seek destiny,
that can make or break us.

It is the reckless acts and blind faiths,
that can destroy us.
And it is that stupidity,
that will obliterate us.

So go by wisdom and courage,
this will guide us.
And know that whatever happens what one faces,
is that what makes us.

Therefore know this dear adventurer,
numerous things will try to stop us.
But victory comes from the strength to overcome
and that leads to success - for all of us.
Colourbrand 24/03/2016

Will not be posting for a long while in case one wonders.

Just letting you know - out of politeness, so don't waste time here :)

Will see you when I have stuff and such - will pop by to check if anyone would like any commissions.

At mo...meh...

Take care.


Yours Chris
So...2015 draws to a close...

Just a wee note to all who have followed, commissioned, and faved me, thank you very much for your faith and respect :thumbsup:

Trust me I do appreciate it a lot more than you think; it has made me more an artist and a creative soul :) and it keeps me going. If I make you happy and inspired, superb :) its my pleasure :bow:

Have a good Christmas or whatever festivities you all get up to, and share the love - the kind that makes life worth living.

Will see you in the new year at some point :)

Take care all of you :salute:
Normally I do not make issues or comments on elements happening in the real world online because most times its pointless.

This however, is something I think many fellow creative souls should see.

Lockout loses to Escape from New York plagiarism suit

In short, the makers of the meh film Lockout, featuring Guy Pierce, was sued by John Carpenter (he of Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, and of the compared Escape from New York) who claims that his 1981 cult film was plagiarized by the french makers.

The suit is that the plots are the same; hero sent in covertly into a fort/prison to rescue someone; the person is important, he has friends on the inside who get killed, and he is exonerated after the rescue.

Now read the article for yourself to come to your own conclusion.

However when I looked at it I was mortified; the plot has been done numerous times by others (e.g. Rambo 2, Bronx Brothers, and Doomsday to say a few); how many times have we seen a hero disgraced in the past has to go into a situation by force or conviction to rescue someone important; where fellows inside die, and the villain beaten, and the hero re-deemed?

In addition, when I saw Lockout, i never thought of Escape of New York at all; in fact I thought it was a boring film. If memory recalls, the two are very different; Snake was a war hero who committed a robbery and recruited by force to rescue the President from a hijacked plane; in Lockout, he was a cop who was framed and to gain his freedom, he has to rescue the President's daughter who went to a space station of her own accord. Escape is set on Earth in New York; Lockout is in space.

Of course there are similarities but this is where it takes a turn for the disturbing for me.

Stories exist since the human thought; we all borrow or are inspired by elements in life, from our own experiences, others stories and so forth. I know people here who want to make their own version of Star Trek, Star Wars, and ideas on similar themes.

What this to me says that if your idea is similar to something else, you could be sued and crushed.

In this world I have noticed, there is a more ruthless clampdown on creativity; there are now legal plans to control "creative licensing" and "intellectual Property" to the point where, I feel that if given the chance, imagination would be regulated and restricted by corporations.

So - you the imaginative - what is your opinion on this?
50,000 plus viewers...

4 years...

...and near 700 watchers....

Incredible :O

Must be doing something right - not the finest artist here in any sense however, too all - thank you - thank you very much. :salute:

And to Tim Berners-Lee - thank you for the World Wide Web - without it, creative souls like me would never have had a chance.

And to everyone -stay the course! Be yourselves, and you will make it!

Take care :D
Hiatus over.

Summer over.

Nuff said.

To all who have popped by and such - thank you for your kind words and support. :D

Now to resume local services and... catch up :)

Salutations fellow Deviant Artists and Audience members.

I am still on hiatus but learned that I have won in :iconwondermanrules: MASK Competition. To he and his panel of judges - thank you for the honour sir :)

Also put by a couple of pics I have done; but still need a break :)

Will be back in a month or two.

Meantime - live and enjoy people :) and please don't stop visiting or sending a note; I will occasionally check up.

Take care

I seldom do journals because I have a rare need to.

This is one such moment.

Soon it is the time that the youth of this year will be embarking on the torture of - EXAMS.

I want to share something with you and I hope it will help in a way.

When I was a teen (a long time ago, and an era I don't miss) I like many went through the hell of exams; I was pressurized in to getting good grades, hoping to make a name for myself in the world, etc etc etc.

Despite my best efforts - I failed; my exam results were average at best and shit at worse; I lost.

I remember feeling dejected, and pointless; and confirming that those who were in command had proven that I am worthless; my headmaster (principle, or some newfangled title) who I never liked, I had to visit as tradition to "wish me on my way".

He had nothing but contempt for me, I cannot remember or care about his opinion about me, but I never forgot his last words:

 "what makes you think you will succeed?"

My response because I was raised to respect my elders was a meek "I will do my best". And on a wet handshake I left school, all the ills, and shit, and entered the world of disappointment, resentment, and so on and so forth.

My grades could not get me into "college" at the time, I could not get a job because again of that. For years I went from Youth Training Scheme to various means to hide my existence on the unemployment queue in the forms of "employment training", "work experiences", and "Back to Work" schemes.

Then one year - it all went south. I mean not to Australia - think more like through the Earth's core and out into space - and into the abyss. I mean BAD.

I admit I was selective about work, but now I had to find it no matter what; in a way, I found a job - and despite it being hell, despite encountering some real scumbags - I have never regretted working for it.


Well, because it made me grow up; it made me realize the BS of respecting your elders - respect has to be earned no matter who or what you are; it made me learn and cope with other people, to be aware, alert, and understanding; to spot potential asshole to possible friend; and more frightening, it opened my eyes to the reality of employment; the firm hired me BECAUSE they wanted a pair of hands - Not because of experience, training, or grades but because they needed a body to do a job.

I spent eight and a half years there, I hated it a lot and I constantly tried to find ways out; in the end I did - to a far better place. As a result my life turned around - it took time but it turned (so far). The fact I am still there is a testament.

As for the old job, it went bust two years later - but I have no regrets working there.

So why am I telling you this? Who cares about the above? Is this a cry for help, love, and attention?


This is a message to the youth of today; just my message - not a HALLELUIAH chorus or a COMMANDMENT to make the world a better place, or me laying out a doctrine to make the world "a better place" but a message.

The message is this - exams are not EVERYTHING - in fact they are a joke.

Exam results are designed to give employers an excuse NOT to hire you; be it to "being overqualified" to be a packer (because you need the money), not having the right grades or titles for a post you want, or not having enough, warranting a covert excuse to discriminate you.

Don't get me wrong, a good education is critical, paramount, and essential, but it is no the be all and end all; the real education I find from my (and my experience alone) is to understand people, how to handle situations, how to cope with disappointment, and how to overcome adversity.

One can have the best degrees and the finest grades, and yes they do lead to the better job (if you are allowed to take the post) but other elements are just if not more important; understanding people, coping with situations of darkness, and making true allies are just as valuable.

If anyone tells you you will not make it, ignore them; if you want your goal, stick to it; if its important you will find a way;  crap jobs maybe that but they give you money, the means to improve yourself - be it from honing your skills to learning new ones. Just because you may fail at exams, it does not mean that life is over.

I know people with better lives that have suddenly de-railed and do not know how to cope. I also know people who have crap exam results becoming successes.

Life throws a lot at us - its a test of character to stay strong and dedicated, or give in. It may sound "so simple" but it took me two plus decades to get here for me.

Its not easy, but when you succeed does it not feel better because you conquered a massive obstacle?

And why am I saying this?

Well you see I always wanted to be an artist, I love to create and imagine; I wanted to be like the ones I admire - Chriss Foss, Jim Burns, Tim White and Syd Mead to name a few. Despite what I went through - I stuck to it; and the end result is this:

Today I won a competition - I got the first prize in :iconshoguneagle: competition. I made his realm more, and he in return rewarded me.

There is hope - just got to stay the course.

Thank you for your time.
Inspired by :iconlordhadrian: journal.

It is about something called Paetron; from the jist I get, its a sort of "backing/fan" support site where people who are fans of a certain artist can back the person in question by donating a few bucks here and there.

I was also told of this by my great friend :iconseasiderock:

Now here is a thing - first off; am I worth "being backed?"" There is a big difference between a commission and having someone "supporting me".

The second question is - if 'backed' are you not in debt to that person?

When you have the tine I would like to hear your thoughts...
I have recently entered another competition - this is for :iconwondermanrules: and his MASK challenge.

For those not familiar, MASK was a cartoon made in the mid 1980's. It is about a team of heroes called MASK (Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand) who were engaged with their enemy called VENOM (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem).

The key selling points were that both sides manned civilian vehicles that transformed into powerful war machines; although many have said that this is what Transformers and G.I. Joe would be like if they merged, I would say think more James Bond but in team form.

The other selling factor was that each character wore special masks that gave them either superhuman abilities or serious firepower - think Cyclops out of X-men but in team form.

It was a childhood joy of mine many moons ago, despite a few niggles I resented.

For more info, please visit his site - its worth a go :)
Well...once again another year draws to a close...

New year, there will be more ambitious and surprising art for you punters, so stay tuned.

To the loyal and the inspirational, I wish you thanks for the support and ideas :) they have been a godsend. You know who you are :D

To the commissioners, thank you for having faith in me to bring (hopefully) your ideas to pass. Its an honour and a privilege.

So, on that I wish you mad, crazy fools to have fun, make the most, don't be stupid, and see you in 2015.

Take care :)

:thumbsup: :salute:
This journal is inspired by :iconslingblade87: but I had this issue on my mind for some time.

The latest pic I have done is about a character - a woman - in a situation of terror but she is doing her job but this does not mean she is a superhuman or such, or has to be degrading in its depiction.

In short its about how women are being depicted in art, and more than often here.

I have noticed that there is a mass emphasis on CLEAVAGE, VOLUPTUOUSNESS, and SKIMPYNESS.

It has got to a point where it's become an epidemic. Virtually any pic I see of a heroic woman, warrior maiden, or female character, it tends to be overtly buxom, blessed with a superheroic physique, and more than often in the skimpiest of garments or the most body hugging of Lycra type garbs - and even they have the boozies on the verge of falling out.

Now before people point the fingers and wag them, or call me a lot of names under the sun, I am no saint myself.

In the past, I have done some stuff like this, I have done nudes (I have done the odd male too, so not completely bias), I have done voluptuous, and so on and so forth; I have done some pics of and for women who wanted this and were pleased with the results (do not ask for any copies - I destroyed all the materials from my end - and even if I did not, its a private matter), and I have thought with my groin on occasion.

I have gone down that road - but nowhere as bad as the stuff I am seeing; I find the barrage - well more like tsunami of this stuff irksome and annoying; I am a red blooded male, but come on! Its like almost EVERY pic is this - plus they tend to have cute almost childlike faces...

I find it degrading, insulting, pigeon-holing, and many cases vile.

I am not here to belittle the talents of others, nor am I dictating how people should do things on DA, or disrespect the art of the nude or those who wish to be done so - its not my place.

Like I said I am finding the consistant barrage of superbuxom, supershaped, perfect artwank old hat.

Sorry if I have offended anyone but I just had to get this off my chest...

Oh and this is one of the few things I will not do for commission or request so don't ask.

Opinions are welcome.

Normally I keep my journals dedicated to simple topics – always related to art on this site, and any feedbacks I request for. I keep my journal free of topics, issues, and anything media relative, mainly because I feel that it’s repeating what is being said, only with a smaller voice – think whisper in the wind and you have an idea of what I mean…


However, a recent series of events has now made me write this journal on the topic and I would love to hear from any of you thoughts on this matter.


At present in the UK – mainly England, there have been a lot of high profile investigations, allegations, and even convictions surrounding what is known as Historical Child Abuse.


This, (to those who do not reside in the UK) all started from revelations about the deceased individual, one Jimmy Savile; Mr Savile was a prominent charity raiser, figurehead for humanitarian causes, and a television/radio presenter. During the sixties and the seventies, he hosted world famous shows like Top of the Pops, and Jim’ll Fix it. He was famous for his eccentric behaviour and charity work, raising thousands for organisations like Great Ormond Street Hospital and Stoke Manderville. He even gained a knighthood for his sterling work in that field.


It later emerged after his death that Jimmy Saville was a notorious paedophile, and abuser of the infirm, sick, and especially of children, even necrophilia. However, the man got away with what has been classed as fifty plus decades of brutal atrocities to such victims.


As a result that this man “escaped” justice for what have described as a series of monstrous and savage barbaric crimes against children, the defenceless, and the infirm, the government launched Operation Yewtree to investigate any celebrities and personalities in that era, involved in such matters, and especially any associated with ‘Sir’ Jimmy.


One such person was caught, convicted and sentenced; the “artist”, charity fund raiser, and singer – Rolf Harris. Rolf was a friend of Jim’s and even went to the same places abuses occurred. Victims came forward to explain what he had done, evidence was mounted and despite threats from his team of lawyers, he was exposed and convicted despite being 80 plus in age.


So why am I telling you all this?


This is why.


Although dead, all evidence of Jim’s existence are being erased – this includes films, videos, and any memorabilia featuring or starring him. Even in an episode of “Only Fools and Horses” his name has been cut out of a scene.


As a result of his conviction, Rolf has suffered the same fate; Australia, his homeland has shunned his name, his art has disappeared and have become worthless, and his millions now turned into possible compensation for his victims.


Yet there are people who have done sinister things too but are still touted in our history – two examples; Osama Bin Laden, and Hitler. Look what they inspired to occur – the loss of numerous lives.


The dangerous thing is this – we are trying to erase these paeodo creeps from our history, our culture, and even out of our lives but I feel that this is setting a dangerous president – in the course of protecting the victims by no longer giving these villains air time, history is being altered.


SO the questions are these – should we erase/alter the pass to calm and ‘honour’ the victims? Or should we keep their names alive to make us remember to be vigilant and determined so such thing are caught in time, the wicked are punished, and that it never happens again?



Maybe it’s me being vain but…

I thought maybe to see what the reaction is if I told you what is coming up in pics for this site to grant to you lovely people.

Am planning to do the following:

Couple of apocalyptical pieces.

A few of my own sci-fi ideas…

My version of “The Rag Tag Fugitive Fleet”

Some spiritual pieces…

Some attempts at people…

And another pic of the “Enterprise-F” now renamed the Quantum Class.

Also plan to do more Battletech art, including a tribute to a great friend and a pic featuring Partisan AA tanks.

See if any wet appetites or will make one run to the hills ;)

Commissioners – your works are in progress – so no worries :D
Just a brief saluté to all the followers of this here page.

I am eternally grateful for the generosity shown here by numerous people; Complete strangers who have gone out of their way to pop by and either fave, download, or joined this wee page.

I also like to give special thanks for all those who have asked of me to do commissions, who have given me Premium Membership, and who have become friends. You people especially have made dA more. I will not embarrass them but I will say this – I am proud of you. Very honoured and humbled.

Have a good one peeps, watch the site for more stuff, and hopefully I will still be making art to make you smile :)

Merry Christmas!

Here is to 2014 - a better year!